The Burning Gavel by Norman Shabel

Tim Lowry was severely injured in an explosion at the Giant Chemical plant grounds in Cobbstown, New Jersey. He was left for dead on the grassy knoll alongside the steam pit he managed to crawl out of.

Three years later, Tim and his lawyer Mel Levine, fight bitterly against overwhelming odds to get justice in a courtroom presided over the biased Judge Robert Webster. 

The author, Norman Shabel, using his many years of trial experience allows the readers to witness the inner workings of a fascinating trial by jury. He gives them the opportunity to witness the legal games played by real lawyers who are trying to convince a jury that their view of justice is the one that should be adopted in the final verdict.


“The Burning Gavel, by Norman Shabel, is a thrilling roller coaster ride of the ups and downs of a civil trial from an insider’s point of view. Melvin Levine, the tough, street-smart lawyer with a chip on his shoulder but a heart of gold, battles giant corporations, their hired gunslingers, and the justice system itself. In the end, Melvin shows us the true meaning of love, friendship, and honor. The Burning Gavel is a poignant, compelling page-turner that can’t be put down.” – Mark Rifkin, Esquire, is a nationally known trial lawyer and has extensive trial experience in class and derivative actions.

The flawed but fearless lawyer represents -smart victims and seeks justice for his or her client through a legal system that has complex procedures and doctrines. Only a trial lawyer and novelist as experienced and talented as Norm Shabel could have created and maintained the drama of this trial without sacrificing the reality of the strategies and technicalities that structure it.” – Dean Rayman L Solomon, Dean and Professor of Law at Rutgers University School of Law-Camden.