The Brothers Wasserman Cover ImageIn The Brothers Wasserman, playwright Norman Shabel has written the story of a Mort Wasserman, a lawyer in is mid-50’s who is ostensibly dying of cancer. The story is played out in comedic form as he holes up in a New York hotel room and is visited by members of his insane family.


Theater Directors: take advantage of the ability to host the World Premier!


Comedic drama: 60-90 minutes

Note: Only 4 actors needed

Mort Wasserman — Mid 50’s lawyer, ostensibly dying of prostate cancer
Fran —Mort’s sister, early 50’s
Sybil — Mort’s wife, early 50’s
Jerry — Mort’s older brother, late 50’s
Lillian — Deceased mother of Mort (played by one of the above actors)
Samuel — Deceased father of Mort (played by one of the above actors)

Set: Hotel room in New York