God Knows No Heroes by Norman Shabel

When Rabbi Carl Rubin’s wife is found strangled, the shockwaves reverberate far beyond tiny Summit County, N.J.

The rabbi, a spiritual advisor with deep ties to the Israeli political scene, enlists the legal help of Joshua Ryan who has suffered his own history of alcoholic abuse and a train-wreck of a legal career. For Ryan, this case could provide redemption – his own and the rabbi’s.

From Summit County to the twisting streets of Mea Shearim, Jerusalem’s mysterious Hasidic enclave, to the boulevards of Paris, Ryan attempts to save his client from the nefarious dealings of unscrupulous Summit County politicians. 

In a shocking turnaround, the trial concludes in a blaze of courtroom reality.


This is a terrific, fast-paced read about the dark side of law enforcement and the judiciary. Norman Shabel has a masterful command of the interaction of cops, judges and defense lawyers and he as presented that to us with an added dose of international intrigue in his compelling debut novel. I couldn’t put it down."  – ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO, former Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey; Senior Judicial Analyst, FOX News Channel