A taut drama that takes a timely look at the inner workings of our justice system when a leading law firm brings a class action suit against a major company that has been pouring contaminated chemicals into the drinking water in states across the country causing severe illnesses and death. Who wins? Who loses? Who gets justice in the end? It examines a world in which greed pervades, the loyal suffer and morality is always relative.



Drama: 90-120 minutes

7 Actors, 6 men and 1 woman
Set: 1 large conference table, 7 conference room chairs, 1 small restaurant table with 2 chairs, 1 park bench, misc. props



“Nail-biting play about corruption gnawing away throughout a class action suit against a major chemical company - Huffington Post

“This is a tense and enlightening evening in the theater that demonstrates the startling inner workings of the legal system even in what seems like an open and shut case…The engrossing and gripping play builds to a shocking and surprising ending, one you won’t see coming and that is revealing of how the legal system works.” - TheatersScene.net

“Norman Shabel takes intriguing and timely look at the inner workings of our justice system in this sophisticated thrill ride” – Broadwayworld.com

“A Class Act” Is A High Stakes Ride Through The American Justice System - South Florida Theater Magazine Read More



New York - Off Broadway
Aventura, Florida
Boca Raton, Florida
Miami, Florida