Are the Lights Still On In Paris Cover ImageAre The Lights Still on in Paris? Is a comedic drama that tells the story of an American husband and wife who purchase an apartment in Paris to rekindle their relationship and are unexpectedly joined by their daughter, who is battling cancer, and various other family members and long-lost loves. It’s a relatable tale of how we deal with love, conflict and loss.



Drama: 90-120 minutes
6 Actors: 2 men, 4 women


Paul Charoff – 60 years old, film producer and writer
Alicia Charoff – 56 year old wife of Paul
Laura Charoff – 33 year old daughter stricken with breast cancer
Louis Petus – 60 year old French man, former lover of Alicia 35 years ago
Thomasina (Tommi) Carter – 28 year old divorcee and assistant to Paul
Fran Charoff Lachoff – Older Sister of Paul


Lights Still On in Paris Allows Humor Among Struggles by Jenny DeHuff, The Bulletin

“This dark romantic comedy brought to life the struggles of breast cancer, coupled with an unstable marriage, family drama and unexpected romance that allows humor among the struggles and turns despair into hope. The scenes are cushioned with comedy and lightheartedness.  Having a mother and daughter survive breast cancer Mr. Shabel called his pay, “a work of joy.” – Jenny DeHuff, The Bulletin


“Great fun with a serious subject”
“Great story line. Would definitely recommend.”
“A play with a serious subject made light and not sad which showed humor even with illness.”
“Clever show. Good Balances.”
“Great story. Nice balance of drama & comedy. Best play I’ve been to this year.”
“I had no idea what I was in store for, but boy was I blown away by the climax and turn of events with the play. Remarkable pay!”