The Condo Cover Image
THE CONDO is a new comedy that tells the hilarious story of the crazy group of people on a Florida Condominium Board of Directors and their insane antics and rivalries while trying to keep their lives and the Condominium from falling into chaos. It’s a story that anyone who has ever been on a Board of any type can relate to and laugh at. 

Theater directors take advantage of the ability to host the World Premier!


Comedy: 90-120 minutes

Martin Milner – A 62- year-old semi-retired lawyer
Desiree Milner – 39-year-old wife
Rufus Bartok – middle aged lawyer – chairman of Condo Board
Leona Jacobs – 60ish Israeli condo owner
Jerry Stringer – 70’s co-board member, developer
Itsy Rosenberg - 50’s condo owner, owner of chain of fast-food outlets
Hershel Lopez – Chief Engineer of Condo building
Hilga Dominguez – 28-year-old, attractive manager of condo building
Yehuda – Old man with special occupation

Set: Board Room of an upscale condominium. No set changes required.